Exercising outside during the summer months is a great way of mixing up your training programme, when working out in high temperatures you’ll need to make sure the heat doesn’t get the best of you so you’ll need to:

Drink drink drink!

It might sound really simple but drinking water will help to top up your body’s electrolytes and salts. Try drinking before, during and after your workout, and no alcohol doesn’t count.


Listen to your body

Pay attention to your body, if your feeling faint, dizzy or nauseous then stop and rest. If your exercising in high temperatures try lowering the intensity and pace yourself.


Change your training schedule

Its cooler early in the morning and late evening so why not change your work out schedule to cooler periods of the day


Hit the gym

Well this might be a no brainer but most gyms have air conditioning. If you want to raise the intensity levels then hitting the gym makes a lot of sense.


Other things to consider…

Don’t forget the sun screen, protect yourself with a high SPF cream and also try taking a cold shower after your workout to bring the body temperature down.


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