If you’ve been out the gym for awhile it can be difficult to get back into fitness. On your first day back you don’t want to be going from 0-100 by doing a series of HIIT workouts that will probably injure you instead of getting you fit. Getting back into the gym will be a shock to the system, your muscles will have to deal with high amounts of force and with strength and endurances levels currently low, large muscle groups will not be able to provide stability, weaker muscles will have to work harder increasing the risk of injury.

Try these exercises:


Walking is a great way to lose weight, start walking to work or find a challenging route. Don’t be afraid to stop and rest as your body is getting used to the stress. Walking is better than running as its low impact.


Resistance Machines

Fixed weight resistance machines will offer more stability and support to your joints, use these machines to stimulate the muscle, joints and nervous system. Try not do overload the body as it will create more stress on your system.


Large muscle groups

Hitting major muscle groups will help to burn more calories. Focusing on your legs, back, chest and core will improve your overall functional health.



Swimming is the ultimate low impact exercise for the whole body, if your pool has a steam room or sauna facility then that will help to aid recovery.


Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and Pilates can have a phenomenal effect on your health and body fat levels. Lots of professional athletes choose this style of workout when they aren’t competing. Along with the fat loss benefits, you can also expect improvements in your strength, endurance, flexibility and posture.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to get you back into the swing of things:


-               Keep training sessions short to begin with and start off at a low intensity

-               Take lots of time to warm up and down

-               Dedicate as much time to improving your nutrition as you do to your physical fitness


            -               Try to recreate a workout you did months or years ago


            -               Participate in high-impact activities, like HIIT workouts or plyometric exercises which involve jumping

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