We’ve all had that thought that we need to eat better and lose more weight. You do some research online only to find crazy diets that you try for 2 weeks. These diets often deny the body of essential nutrients, and when you give up your weight increases and you’re back to square one.

Here are Gym Happy’s 5 tips that you can try alongside a healthy balanced diet to lose weight.

No.1 Reduce the amount of carbohydrates

It’s the age old saying; less in more out. Dropping foods such as pasta, breads, rice’s and potatoes then increasing the amount of exercise you do is the first thing you should try.

No.2 Wait longer between meals

Studies have shown that waiting longer between meals increased the oxidation of fat which helps with weight loss (Heilbronn et al, 2005).

No.3 Do HIIT

High intensity interval training has been proven to burn more fat than steady state exercises such as jogging. HIIT session take less time and you can squeeze a session in during lunch. Check out our article on HIIT for more information.

No.4 Eat oily fish

Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, herring and sardines all helps to burn more calories. The Omega 3 in fish oils helps your body to burn fat like an oven so eat up.

No.5 Drink lots of cold water

With 0 calories water will help to keep your body hydrated, Boschmann et al 2003 found that drinking cold water increased that body’s metabolism by 30% within a 40 minute period. So drink more cold water during your work out to help shed those pounds.