Even when you're out of contract, gyms often require 30 days' notice to cancel. Make sure you understand these conditions.
It all depends on how many times you visit the gym and what you want to do when you visit!
Infrequent users should get a pay as you go membership, going more than twice a week then you might as well pick yourself up a monthly option.
Check the policy if you are ill or injured, move house, get pregnant or change jobs. Think about the proof you'll need, such as a doctor's letter.
Most providers will allow you to skip an induction if you've been to the gym before, If you’re a gym newbie you definitely should be shown how to use the equipment.
lets explain this with an example; if you join the gym mid-month you will have to pay for the remainder of that month and possibly a month in advance that's pro rata.
Pay as you go
Concessionary Memberships
Senior Memberships
Junior memberships